Welcome to cannabis self-help

You can use this website to help you stop or cut down your cannabis use. The information that you provide is confidential. The entire course is completed via the web.

The course begins with five steps. You record how much cannabis you have smoked in the past week. You make lists of the pros and cons of your cannabis use and set yourself targets and goals. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the five steps.

After step five, you are signed-up. You can then log-in at anytime for about 10 minutes a day, or you could log-in two or three times a week instead to keep track of your cannabis use. You can then keep track of when you feel a craving for cannabis and when you actually smoke some. This will give you a clearer picture of the situations when you find it difficult to control your cannabis use. The website helps you deal with these situations and helps you to take control of your cannabis use.

After recording your cannabis use for a couple of days, you can view the information you have given in the form of graphs and tables that the website automatically produces.

We advise you follow the self help programme for at least 4 weeks. Experience has shown this time period will enable you to consider your cannabis use and identify your risk situations.

Please note that for the course part of the website, you will need Flash Player 6 (or above) otherwise it will take time to download from the website. If you don’t have Flash Player 6 (or above), you can download it from the Adobe website.

View a brief demonstration of how the course works.

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Good luck

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