The test will help you assess your cannabis and its impact on your life. The test has 16 questions. Once you've answered the questions, you'll receive the test results immediately. Depending on your score, we'll make recommendations about your cannabis use.

1. How often do you smoke cannabis?

2. How much money do you spend on cannabis in an average week?

3. How often are you stoned?

4. When you smoke cannabis, how often do you light up a second joint to get extra stoned?

5. Do you ever smoke cannabis in combination with other substances such as alcohol, cocaine or ecstasy? Please ignore tobacco when answering this question.

6. When do you usually smoke cannabis? Click each relevant option

7. What are the most important reasons why you use cannabis? Click below three reasons that apply to you.

8. When you smoke cannabis, what people do you usually smoke with?

9. Could you stop smoking cannabis whenever you want?

10. How often have you thought to yourself in the past year, 'I should cut down or stop'?

11. In the past year, how often has your use of cannabis affected your performance in your work or studies?

12. Do you sometimes put things off because you are stoned?

13. Have you ever felt extremely frustrated because you couldn't smoke cannabis when you wanted to?

14. How often in the past year have you felt worried about your use of cannabis?

15. Do you ever have trouble remembering what you said or did?

16. Has a friend or acquaintance of yours who also smokes cannabis ever told you that you should cut down your use?


Your score is: 0

Score ranges:
0-5:No added risk, although taking drugs always carries risks.
6-15:Definite risk. You're taking too many chances. Try to reduce the risks of your drug use.
16-36:Serious risk. Your drug use is getting out of hand.

Your score is 5 points or less

This means there is not any immediate reason for concern since you are an infrequent user. But taking drugs always carries risks - and of course cannabis is not only harmful but it is still an illegal drug in the UK. To find out more about cannabis and the law, click here for information.

Your score is between 6 and 15 points

You may already have some problems from your use of cannabis, especially if your score is closer to 15 than to 6 points. If you don't already have problems, then you are likely to develop some in the future. You should think about your cannabis use and its impact on your life. (Click here to see how you can reduce the risks of smoking cannabis.) Try our self-help programme to help you stop.

Your score is 16 points or more

Your use of cannabis is getting out of hand. Because of the health risks and other problems, we advise you to stop your cannabis use - do not be tempted to leave this until next week or the week after but try to do something now. Try the self-help programme [Click here] or get the 'Guide To Cutting Down and Stopping Cannabis Use' booklet - it can be ordered online by clicking [here]

Materials are also available from FRANK by calling 0800 77 66 00.


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