One of the most common problems associated with cannabis is spending too much money on it!

Look at how much weed you’re going through each week. Do you spend more than you intended too? How can you cut down the cost of your pot? Decide how much you can afford to spend and stick to it.

How much money do you spend on cannabis every week? Think what else you could buy with that amount of money.


Cannabis can make people boring, lifeless and isolated. Smoking dope all the time can lead to problems in both your personal life and at work.
  • Do you have a vibrant social life, or do you watch a lot of TV?
  • Is your partner giving you earache about your lack of motivation?
  • Have you lost interest in seeing friends?
  • Do you continue to smoke cannabis just because your partner does?

If you feel this is happening to you, cut down, use less often and stop.